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CroFundsme : All Functionalities and Working Method

Till today everyone is facing difficulty in accessing popular web2 crowdfunding/donation platforms because of location, nationality, or citizenship. CroFundsme makes the solution to this. All you needed is a crypto.com Defi wallet or meta mask and start raising #cronos. CronoGods /CronoGoddess, two NFT collections that sold out on Cronos Blockchain. Cronos Blockchain’s mission is to donate and rewards our holders by providing utilities such as entertainment, games, staking, comics, and more. Including small philanthropic endeavours like our community aid wallet and charity donations. Users will be able to raise funds for any occasion. All needed is a crypto wallet. Users will be able to select which crypto they would like to raise. It also has referral programs in which Users will be able to send a referral link and earn crypto once the person has completed their campaign. In addition to this, For Influencers, Individual Kickstarters & Charities, a more in-depth KYC application will apply to those seeking verification or offering goods for service on our website. In short, the primary mission of corfundsme is that users can access crypto funding anywhere in the world.


In the marketplace option, you can select or filter the price and directly connect your wallet. At present, the information from the Cronos marketplace is considered. All needed is a crypto wallet and crypto.com defi wallet Or meta mask and start raising #cronos. In the market of Crofundsme, users can sell, mint, publish or buy the NFTs as well.

Finding a project to donate to:

You can find any public fundraiser on the CroFundsme project page. You can search the project by category in which you want to raise a fund. Further, you can also view the list of projects there with the amount that funds are already raised. You can click on that project and donate the fund.

Sign Up:

Users can start with simple steps. To sign up on the website, the user can just enter his email, password and enter his name. And click on register CTA. Then he can view all the features of the website.


If you want to log in on CroFundsme, you just enter your email and password for adopting features. After login, you have your profile on the website that shows in the upper right corner with a small image.


In the profile section, the user can connect his wallet. Users can also edit their profiles. In addition to this, the user can also view his previous donation, NFTs, comments and projects. In short, the history will have appeared in your profile section. For security purposes, the user can also log out of his account.

Create Fundraiser:

Fundraising on Crofundsme takes just a few minutes. You just have to fill up the form in which you select your country, the fundraising type and the title. Then you can connect your wallet with Crofundsme.

Start Fundraising:

Individuals can get started with just 7 simple steps. Funding options range from those in need to social media influencers. Such as Youtubers, Tiktokers, Musicians, Video Game Streamers, Kickstarters, Charities and more can use our platform to raise #cronos. You need to sign up for a CroFundsMe account to donate. But, if you have an account and are signed in when you donate, you can easily keep track of and manage your donations. After donation, You’ll be sent an NFT token.

Connect your Wallet:

For fundraising, you can collect your wallet with CroFundsme. There are three wallet types available there.

Connect your wallet

Donate Now:

In donate now option, you can view various projects that we are working on with a collection that how much funds were raised for that particular project. You can donate to that project or share it within your circle too.  Select your ideal collectible and hit Send. Guarantee that the beneficiary’s location and affirmation speed are exact.

Donate Anonymously:

If a user wants to donate as an anonymous user. So CroFundsme also provides this feature to the user. Donating anonymous means your name won’t be visible to the public on the fundraiser page. 

For security reasons, you can make an entirely anonymous donation, and the organizer and beneficiary will not be able to see your name. You’re required to enter the name on the credit card when donating, but you’ll have the option to make it anonymous after. 

Reward For Donator:

The donator who can donate a fund, in return can receive NFT as a goodwill gesture. The donator can mint (converting digital files into crypto collections or digital assets stored on the blockchain) that NFT in the CroFundsme marketplace. These CroFundsMe reward ideas will help you engage your supporters, and improve the amount that you can donate.

NFT (Thankyou Token)

Donators can also sell or publish that NFT which they will receive in return for fundraising in the NFT marketplace of crofundsme. Users can also buy NFTs from that store.


If you want to share that fundraising project with your friends, you can click on share. You can directly share with social media platforms, or you also copy the link of that project via web-based entertainment or with your companions utilizing our customizable layout. Select the ideal scenery to show your collectibles off! Sharing the fundraiser will help to promote it, which can help raise more funds.


In the FAQs section, list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users of a website.

Social Links:

At the bottom of the site, Twitter and discord links are available. By clicking on these you can directly move to that page.

About Crofundsme:

If a novice user wants the information about the crofundsme so he can view the about us page where all the detailed info s given.


User can also view the partnerships of Crofundsme in the homepage section.

Future Features:

Referral program

Users will be able to send a referral link and earn crypto once the person has completed their campaign


Users will be able to select which crypto they would like to raise.

Verified Profiles

For Influencers, Individual’s Kickstarters & Charities. A more in-depth KYC application will apply to those seeking verification or offering goods for service on our website.

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