Short description:

Quranuna is the best multi–player Islamic game and fun game to enhance your knowledge about Quran-e-Pak.

Long description:

Quranuna is a free multiplayer quiz-based Islamic game about Quran-e-Pak that challenges your mind’s ability, focus and attention you give to the images handling quiz data. This Islamic game will let you know how quick your brain responds.

Quranuna- Islamic game have 2 different fascinating maps; first map of Quranuna- Islamic game holds different levels of quiz from 25 different Surah from Quran Pak to enhance your knowledge that makes it easy to learn. When the player will enter the level, he/she will go through the Surah from which quiz will be taken. In Quranuna- Islamic game every right answer to the question from the quiz, coins will be added to your profile by which you can unlock your favorite character and shop for it from the shop. You can also buy coins and gems from the cart. Another feature of Quranuna- Islamic game is that players can also chat with each other in the chat lobby by creating or joining the room.

In second map of Quranuna- Islamic game there are different mini games for children which will make them interactive with games. By playing these games in Quranuna- Islamic game, they can improve attention and concentration, problem solving skills and their brain’s speed.

What’s New:

Quranuna- Islamic game having more features than a normal quiz games for fun and joy, we offer;

  • Fascinating and attractive maps.
  • Quiz data in Islamic game is given before the level started from which the quiz will be taken to polish your learning skills.
  • Islamic game let you earn coins by answering correct answer to the quiz’s questions can be used to unlock characters and shop for that character.
  • Coins and gems can be bought from the cart with a very little amount of money in this Islamic game.
  • Second map of Quranuna- Islamic game contains mini games for the enhancement of multitasking skills, improving problem-solving skills and improves brain’s speed for children.
  • As Quranuna- Islamic game is a multi-player game so you can chat with the other players by creating or joining room. Chat lobby of this Islamic game contains custom chat and a public chat, where you can chat either with a single person or with a group.