Game Description:

2d endless entertaining magnet game is an easy and fun casual game.

Maxel is a 2D magnet game with exciting chapters. In this magnet game each chapter contains 10 levels, by passing 10 levels you can go to the next chapter with exciting new levels.


Game Functionality:

It has realistic magnet functions. magnet box with north-south pole and the magnetic edges with the same charge which we can change by tapping fingers on it to cross the hurdles and reach the upper edge which is the goal end. By tapping the magnet edge the charge will change and the magnet will attract towards that edge when they will opposite.

It will consider three stars when the magnet stars will complete its goal without hitting with the hurdle. Unlimited lives will be given if the screen will out before reaching the goal. Player has to be careful for hurdles for reaching the goal before the screen map disappears. All 5 levels and at least 2 levels with 3 stars should have completed to play the next chapter.