Short Description:

Are you ready to hunt the criminal? Ride on the cop’s car and chase the criminal!Cop Chasing Civilian’s car is a fascinating 3D car game.

Long Description:

Get into the cop’s car and chase the criminal to show your driving skills in this 3D game . Speed up the car to beat the timer and chase in the different areas of the city to hunt the criminal. In this 3D car game you will enjoy 12 different levels that will challenge your speed and driving skill in which you have to chase the criminal’s car in the given time. With smart driving skills in the car chasing game and controls try to choose short passage to reach out the criminal on time in this thrilling 3D car game . You can earn coins in this cop chasing 3D car game to buy the upgraded and highly modified police cars from the garage to complete your thrilling mission.


Police car chase challenging mission gives you full soul stirring effective 3d car game. Graphics for the best experience feels like real police luxury 3D car games. Start some fun with chasing down the fast moving rival racing vehicles in this 3D car game and hit them to pin them off the speed race on the race slowing them down and then arrest them. Police v/s criminal 3D car racing game, most fun crazy car game gives you a very close to reality police car gaming experience. Graphics for the best experience feels like real police luxury car games.

You’ll find it addictive and fun3D car game. Free to Play!


  • Simple, satisfying and enjoyable 3d Gameplay environment.
  • Highly upgraded cop’s cars.
  • Limited time to complete the mission.
  • Easy and simple driving controls.
  • Earn coins to buy highly modified cop’s car on level completion.
  • Real speed racing game 3d graphics.