Runner Switch

Runner Switch?


Do you think of some car switch around to find gems and prizes?

No, it much more than this!


In the runner switch, you need to help the rider to cross the bridge and hunt the diamonds. The bridges at each level are full of adventures. There are places where only bikes can pass through and some grooves allow only cars to go ahead. You need to look keenly and anticipate which vehicle should be chosen. You can change it by a single tab. Once you cross the bridge, you will get diamonds.

Moreover, there is a garage for cars and bikes from where you can purchase the vehicle of your choice by selling the diamonds you have. Each vehicle possesses distinct features and price in terms of diamonds.The next level comes with new difficulties and treasures.

Keen focus, healthy eyes, and prompt decision making is the key to this game. It will change your perception and by practicing this game your decision-making capabilities will improve.

Riding has not been this fascinating before!


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Give it a try and you will get addicted to it.